Green Packet from Rodong

First and foremost.. Assalamualaikum & Happy Eid to muslimin muslimat especially in Malaysia~

This time i'm gonna write something about my past (very old story) Hari Raya experience...Oh Damn..! Correction, actually i dnt have idea what i'll write about,whether it is about hari raya or about my Rodong. But, before i proceed, i want to tell that i'm not a gay or whatever u'll think. I just appreciate the friendship.Very very appreciate my rodong friendship.

So, you knw what rodong means?It means friend in Temerloh language.heeee That just general meaning bcoz for me..Rodong means him.Yeah, everyone that special in my life have their own name for me. I'm sure  that people who close to me ever heard about my rodong from me at least once. So, this guy's name is Ahmad Safwan Razani. hahaha i can bet he'll never read this blog. muehehe :3

As usual, nobody knows what God plans for us.And for the first moment i met him, i never think we will be this close.But then, we are friend. He be the people tht sit beside me in class and i actually really shocked he willing to sit beside me. There are a lot of things happen during that 2 years since he sat beside me in class.Aku selalu je gaduh & tacing ngan mamat sekor ni...haha 

Until this day, i still hard to believe tht i'll make friend with this guy. We are different.Yes,really different.He is genius.He'll get good result even he doesnt study hard like me.But me,if i be lazy, surely my result will fall down.He is hensem,attractive and good in sport.Really good! He always be a main player especially in football.Me??Before i know basketball in maktab, i never represent school in any sport.And the most thing that make us different is our family background.He comes from a quite rich family.His father is Engineer and his mom is Lecturer (if i'm not mistake) while my mother just a nasi lemak seller and my father is ex-soldier.But i really touched when he can treat me like other friend, never look down at me.This why i really appreciate him.He also be the person that always help me.Sangat memahami..Selalu je belanja makan time waktu rehat.Thankz rodong!! i still dont know how to repay all of that. Bnyak lagi yg mamat ni tolong aku spnjang sekolah he always be my reference when i dont knw about something.If not because of him, i will never know wht is actually an engineer do.:)

So, what's about this title??What's about hari raya??okay, here we go..This happen during ramadhan or syawal month in form 2 ( sorri my memory not good :/ ) One day, in class 2 ibnu sina he call me *of coz he not call my real name* and he took out something from his wallet.Something brown,green colour and selamat hari raya written in jawi on it.That time i just monologue "what the h*** he want to give me green packet? =,= Then he said,''ni duit raya mak koi kasi kt aok." Trsentap aku...i checked inside tht green packet, wohh rm50.Thts time i was really touched + happy .Yelar,aku ni bukan jenis yg senang nk dpt duit raya sebnyak tu.Lagi2 dia kabo mak dia sndiri yg nk kasi kt aku. :') But even i felt like very touched and happy, i just give him a poker face at that time. yeah..i'm relly good in hide my real feeling.maybe i'm too cool :p Again,thank for tht green packet.rodong!Greatly appreciate it.Sampai skunk simpan lagi sampul duit raya tu ^^, Because it was my unforgetable memory..

This is the green packet or smpul duit raya that i've mentioned ^^,

Lastly, i will pray for u rodong.Good luck at korea~!! :D Hehh Aku masih terkilan sebab tak dpt hantar kau kt klia sebelum melepas ke korea hari tu :/ Come back in Malaysia as engineer degree holder..!!Aku nk jugak merasa fly2 ni :p hehee ok,for my other friends bunk bro,twin,ohsem sis , etc...bukan xnk cter pasal korang,tpi kali ni memang turn rodong aku..insyaAllah lepas ni turn korang lak :) heee Bye~ thank for reading, everybody :)


Introduction :: After 2 months

First of all, Salam Alaik & Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ila HadiMDK's blog! ^^

Finally , after 2 months this blog was made, i got the feeling to write something here.. Yeah!! 
Well, i'm kind of  busy, lazy & writing blog is not my intention at all actually . So, why i still make it? Just assume tht this is a place 4 me to save my artworks and share some stuffs. Wow,whts that?  Nvermind..Btw,,this post is the first entry & quite impolite if i don't introduce myself, right? So, this is me : -

Born in 1993
 Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Sem2)
Hometown in Temerloh, Pahang 

Okay, i think thats all. Other informations already in my profile. Just what i can tell you about myself, just suspect the worst.  why?
Well, i'm kind of person with none-speciality in many things~ this is not about i'm lowing my profile but i've seen the real talented persons in my 19-years old life.Yeah, i can say that i'm not included in that group.But Dafuq! I dont care 'bout that..~
So, which group are u?? If u are same as me, i know what u've felt ; the feeling when u only can see they succeed while u not.  But actually, ur feeling have been wrong all that time.God make us different each other with reasons. Stop make excuses with our 'lack'. My life same as urs.And u know what, there are something more powerful than talent.Nah..!This is what i always believe; 

TALENT can bring people So Far, BUT HARDWORK can bring people to Anywhere. 

So, never think u cannot achieve what u want . All peoples have zero reason to give up in their life...including me, u ,they , we and etc. Remember that! 
Thats all for this post. Fuhhh lettih koi menaip ni wehh.. One more things, credit to ckin.Sis, u really help me make this blog! :D Thats why our layout design quite same~ kui kui ..and thank to all of u for read. 

_Peace :B