Greeting~ It’s been a long time ,rite? I’ve been busy and got no mood to write any entry instead of updated my artwork. Yeah, even now, I hve no mood to write any. However, I think there are something I wnt to write. But,don’t worry,,, this is not a ghost story.

Life, we cannot expect it. And we also should not expect anything from else because the higher the expectation, the higher the disappointed will be.


There was a hard and difficult time for me throughout 2 last months at my university. A lot of problems hit me in a row. I admit that I’ve been stress + depress + frust menonggeng at that time. I just want to give up everything…my study especially, feel like everything is over..

 You know what.., the worst part is, the problems will become double when we do not have anybody to share it. Ohh I’m not saying about me, because of course I don’t keep it myself. I try to tell my two best friends, those who I always believe will be by my side no matter what.

But u know,, every of us really busy, so I just wrote it at blog and I tell about the entry that I’ve wrote for them. I don’t asked much, not to bother them because I know they also have their own life. I relief when they say they will visit my entry when they have free time and asked me to calm down.

But then, both of them still do not read that blog even until today and I don’t know why. I thot they already forget my request. Aishh..I cannot blame them because they did nothing wrong,rite..? I’m the one who should be blamed because expect too much from other. Yes I cannot run from feeling disappointed with them but then, what can I do? Rite? From beginning, I’m just alone. And always be that way.  

However, I have learnt that lesson. Never expect people to care because there are actually nobody care and trusting is worthless.

ohhh, By the way there are something else happen.In the good side,,,, At that hard time, a lot of people give spirit to me :) I know actually it doesn’t direct to me but still, it return my confident back. Verry2 thankz you!! Especially mereka2 yg snggup mmberi kata-kata semangat di twitter.

“The sky isn’t always blue, the sun doesn’t always shine. So it’s okay to fall apart sometimes, but always remember to get up again”

All da best Everybody! ^^
Dn't be like me, Orite? 

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