Tragedies seem unending

Who have read my previous entry..? Yes, yg tntang 2012 tu.. It's sick, right? 
Siapa sangka, 2012 end up with rough, but then actually 2013 also start with even rougher. 
This is about my study again.. why.. sometime a question might come, deeply from myself, why my way always harder than anybody else? Why i cannot thru a way smoothly like others?? 
So, lets the story tell;
after i got ielts band low than Mara requirement at the end of last year, i decided to take that paper again..i still want to do it even the time is very critical. I mean, the programme at university that offered by Mara will start at February. So all the students need to complete passport, visa & etc..For me, which still do not pass Mara requirement, normally should give up with all of this stuff and find another alternatives place to stdy. But then, i still don't want to give up least i will fight until there are no way anymore.. So i gamble with this. And i will take the risk myself.. I registered for repeat ielts paper, and do all stuff for pssprt, visa & etc. I can say that it is quite busy because i need to go to kl from my hometown in temerloh.To complete the cogc, medical checkup, take transcript, going to nazza... and to take the test.. Even in this week, i went to shah alam, then kl, then temerloh and then shah alam again, then putrajaya..arghh kulur kilir kulur kilir pergi kl-temerloh.. and then yesterday, i manage to complete all these stuffs..but then, at shah alam, i realized one thing very pssport hilang..yes..HILANG. so how's my medical checkup & other things yg buat guna nmber pssport yg hilang tu? kene buat smula?all thats stuff?? again??? And my agent want all of that next week.. =,= even to apply new passport(5 days working day) not enough.. i don't have time.. and this weekend my repeat paper will be held..i don't know whether i can manage to give all my best for that test or not.. why all of this happen??to me??
Half of my self keep asking why i need to face all this? But itu semua tak betul, kan. Life hard, we will fall but we need to stand again, rite? Mungkin ini memang takdir kan... It really stress & trouble me but then, i will not saying i give up yet and i will never do that. All happen for a reason, right? Keep strong and move forward.. 

'Sesungguhnya tiada daya upaya selain dngn pertolongan Mu. Permudahkanlah urusanku ini. Amin' 

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