Paramore live in KL!

I was thinking to write a post exclusively about  PARAMORE LIVE IN KL a week ago but it has been postponed and delayed, so here it is. Actually I was excited to write this stuff and i really want to mke it but im kinda lazy, mood ran away and also because of the thing that i've mentioned in my previous post. Check it out if u really care.

So..again, here it is.

First of all, let's me start with what paramore mean to me. Yeah..of course it is one of my favourite bands and boleh la dikatakan I am kipas-susah-mati (fan die hard) for this band since two years ago. hehe before it, i never know about this band XP Which mean, when paramore came here in 2010, i still did not knw bout them..hmm fine la.tau je paramore senanya..tpi xamik kisah lgsng la time tu..huaaa thing u should know, im not kind of taksub or whatever yg melampau-lampau smpai xnk mngaku kerakyatan la..apa la..

Ok, at the beginning, i have cancelled my wish to come to this concert since my frens cannot join me bcoz they are really busy wth their stuff to fly next week. Only a day before the concert, i decided to go there!! Why? because i was thinking about this is the only chnce i have now, so, why i must throw away this such great opportunity, rite?? And the other reason is because Im really stress with what happen to me, so i want to release all my tension there. 

And then, 17th Febraruary 2013 came. The only thing i can describe about the show.......owhh it is really  AWESOME!!! Especially to see by my own two eyes the real Hayley Williams, Jeremy and Taylor. To hear with my own ears the real voice that came out from Hayley Williams's mouth !!! >,< Awesomeness level 1000000 Kyaaaaa~!!!!

Hayley Williams!! Actually baju dia ni colour biru2 gitu..tpi entah knpa dlm gmbar ni jdi mcm hitam.. Apa-apa pn boleh~ hehe

Taylor!!! p/s: Junior, this is ur taylor..sorry xde amik gmbar dia sndiri~ btw, rugi junior xde..instead of guitar, taylor main gendang jugak!!! Sila jeles :P

Jeremy~! yeahh He's rock!! i wish josh & jack still with them too.

According to the tentative, the show should start at 7p.m but another band make their performance first. Around 9p.m, the band that we all have been waiting for came on the stage and at that moment, all edges of the stadium filled with scream like paranoia and echo that make u wnt to do nothing but being like hysteria too..! 
And when their show started, people at the rock zone (below the stage) jumping crazily. Can you imagine, how can we not jump with their music and melody??yeahh layan habis!! And then, people at the seat zone also showed their crazyness by jumping2 including me~~~ haha tapi aku lompat2 mcam kayu dowh..haha huhhh xde bakat nk berparti & clubbing la ni :P hehe Lantakla kn..kita dh bayar tiket, xkan gi konsert wt bodo je kn? Rolling la puas2!! *walaupn jump & roll tu mcm kayu yg boleh buat orang lain gelak giling-giling hahahaha XD

Btw, i met this girl at there. She sat right beside me and we introduced ourselves briefly before the show start. Luckily, she is really sporting & yg penting Rock!! I'm not expected to meet new friend there. Thanks a lot weyh for making that awesome nite become more awesome. The reason i'm not too shy to jump because she and other peoples next to me jump crazily together. ^^ We are rock!!! yeahh rock and roll!! 

Gambar sejurus sampai stadium negara. naseb baik tak sesat..

This shirt i bought at the show and i tried it at another day :)

The show ended about 10.50p.m and for me, that nite was great, with jump,roll,scream,swing,swag,sing together until i felt thirsty like a hell. And this nite also make my stress reduce and the important thing, sngat Puas!! ^^ Ohhh btw, after the show ended, I was so lucky because I got the last monorel & train at that nite..if I late, I don't know how can I go to my fren's house. Fuhhh :O Maybe i'll sleep at the stadium~ Lol

Ok guys, i thot that's all~ Adioz!!! Hater gonna hate~

You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.

Oh no..i'm just too lazy to write anything in this blog!! errrr,,,, actually lazy is not an accurate word because frankly i really want to make a post this time. Yes a post about my experience in Paramore concert last week. But then, yesterday....i got a bad news that made my enthusiasm reduced beyond the negative infinity.. wtf, wht a nonsense -..-

So, i kinda just wnt to write about what the news it is. It's not something u don't know, it is about i'm not manage to continue my study abroad. ehh You still don't know? Dafuq, don't admit u're my friend if u still dn't know about it! Ok..yesterday, Mr Papa (bkan nama sbnar) have their meeting and decided to-not-let me and my other friends to cntinue our study abroad since our ielts result didn't pass their requirement. When we try to argue...Simply they say.. "Mr Papa xkan pertimbangkan lagi sbb nk jaga performace blaa blaa blaa..."

My hatred toward them just bigger you know..why our senior that has been in same situation as us Mr Papa still let him go study abroad? Lgipon mcm rugi kot..It not easy to get cgpa 3.95 in foundation and cgpa 3.6 in degree first year. Yes i know i'm not genius like my frenz, cgpa 4flat but i thot ini satu kerugian yg amat sngat bila xdpt smbung degree second year hnya sbb requirement ielts yg memang x perlu mana pn kt sana. And then, do u know what the worst part?? yeahh dngn rasminya my debt with Mr Papa is about RM40 and my parent shocked like the monkeys belanda when get their letter. Weyhhhh di manakah moto memperjuangkan hak anak melayu??dngn hutang pngajian hnya satu tahun yg tak munasabah ni, i dnt think so~

Okla..fine...this is life, i'm redha. I'll be strong. After all, this is life, so mean and cruel. Just i hope Mr papa can improve their integrity next time. U oll are representative of bm... For example, in one case..why laaa postpone meeting tu smpai satu bulan???? I've sent appeal letter in the end of january and it's like butthurt when i need to wait until the end of february just to know the answer of their stand-'is No'. Why laaaa???

hehe itulah..xde niat pn nk rant on sape2 sbnarnya, even Mr Papa tu..XD No hard feelin' mana pn~ haha tdi ingt nk tulis post ni satu dua ayat je...sekali dngar lgu slow mndayu2 ni emosi naik terangsang tiba2 lakk..haha bye~bye~ adioz *hater gonna hate!


Terima kasih Habib sbb bwak aku melawat Ict Shah Alam time aku tumpang umah kau dulu ^^,
Walaupn tak dirancang, tpi best gak la lepak sana malam2 :)

  Malas nak upload gmbar bnyak..Ini cukup la kan :P  

This is the first time i've uploaded my own photo here, rite? dan ianya poyo!! hehe

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