So, this is the End..


Now, time to give the last hit to this blog. I decided to end and stop using this blog..maybe I'll never do blogging anymore.

It was about a year I have done this stuff...I started making this blog last year when I "clashed" with my, it could not be called as clash or breakup..ahh whatever...
That time, my unbiological sister assisted me to make this blog. 
This blog started with ke-awesome-an but then, time after became pathetic...or in other words, I became more pathethic...This is sad to see blog full of motivation turned into a grief blog. 
The real thing is, I'm kind of tired. Tired with all..Yeah, tired with this life..I don't know..I've endured too long.
And I always thought hardwork can beat talent..but, I'm kind of realize.... that's not true. The past me,and the future me..I'm so sorry guys..

This life is full of shit.. I've endured everything...alone...and i think i cannot do that anymore.
Everything is phucking damn. Fail....Dead..! 

My study dead. Why people set the thing? I'm tired with all of these. And tired with those who called me genius. And made fun when my study dead. And called me a liar just because I didn't become a genius like what they've expected. The truth is, I'm only a stupid guy who always work hard and keep believing my hardwork can change everything. Change my life, my family's future...I tried as hard as I can, even people teased me, made fun with every works that i've done. Do you know what the feeling when a real genius make fun with my hardwork.? But I've endured it and acted tough. They cannot understand since they can score everything without put any struggle. What the hell with this world? 
But Now,they all make no sense..and I only used to believe on that. On hardwork.
Worst part is...I stop believe on everything..on people...on lover....on hardwork....on luck..on miracle..on God.
And my family...i don't know how to say it. I cannot handle this family issues..That was too much pressures on me. Especially when I'm at home. 

And people...why everyone is a liar? A parasite who only come with problems and sucking all the positives. When their negative was neutralized, they just simply left me.. Why? Somehow, i thought to do that crazy thing...I've tried it so hard..but my whole body trembled at the moment when that knife pointed toward my wrist..I wanted it, but my body could not do it. Yeah, death is too hassle..I just hope I can simply disappear. 
Somehow I solute people who can give the end to their life with this way. I cannot..But I'm suicidal...Yeah, again.. Death is too hassle, I just hope I can simply disappear. Disappear. Yes, it's not like anyone care. 

Yeah, you can say I've turned into sad....pathetic....psycho creature. I dn't give a shit anymore.

Oh...okay..this is just too long. Alright, byee byee

Pray for my death, okay?

The End.

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