Mati. hidup semula.

That what will happen to this blog. It already dead before but I'll make it lives again. I know I already put the end to this blog and just for your information, after I ended this blog, I made a new blog. But somehow I felt wrong. I guess this one is always better. My other blog's design is so ugly though.

However, I will change this blog's url. It means all my followers will not follow this blog anymore. Oh, it's not a big deal for all of you, right?

Why I want to start do blogging again? Well, I just want to write about my life. For my personal reading. *that's why I want to change my blog's url. After one year with this stuff, I realized how people in net acting. All of them are parasites and ignorant. Oh, not all, but only very few are not. But still, it was my fault too. I wrote with hope people and my blog followers will read them. But I'm wrong. You. Me. We all are ignorant, and parasite. No matter what I've posted in this blog, there are only few read them and among them, no one is really care what it was written. 

That's why...(click want more to continue)
I'm changing my mindset. I wont write for people to read anymore. All my writing will be only for myself. Though I will write like I'm talking to my imaginary gf. Yes, I do have imaginary gf. huh, call me insane. I don't care. Her name is Nana. *please don't mistake her with someone with this name. Her name has nothing to do with any girl that you and I ever knew. Talking to imaginary people are better than talk to parasite and ignorant people. And why I say parasite? It mean people who came to your life and made friend with you. Share problems with you, give courage, caring for each other but then, when their life became perfect, when they got what they've lost., they simply left you. 

I will write about my life. How it turns into this way. How I interest in science stuff. When I started making my first comic. Why I choose science, not art. Why I put my art passion other side and chase my other dream. Who was my crush in high school that changes my whole life. How I met my ex. What happen to us. How I lost my mind. How I became a failure. How I became a suicidal. How much I tried to kill my self. How I met another suicidal people. How I managed to put end to that suicidal life. What have changed me. And a lot of other things. 

Just for those who want to follow this blog, I will give my new url. Once I change this blog's url, it'll be like a new blog that nobody haven't followed it yet. 

And I just cannot wait for new design for this blog!!! >,<

Adioz guys~

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