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This is my first article about anime review, so pardon me if anything I’ll write here just so-not like a review at all. So, first anime that I choose to do review is SOUL EATER. This anime is an adaptation from one of my favourite manga, Soul Eater written by mangaka Akatsushi Okubu. However, the story line of SOUL EATER anime only follows the original manga up until some point. But I can say that both manga and anime are definitely awesome!! ^^.

-Soul Eater Manga & Anime-

Alright, this story is about Maka Albarn, a technician/meister together with her human weapon, Soul Eater Evans try to complete their 'absolute mission' as Shibusen Student. I prefer to call it as an absolute mission (I come up with it by myself lol) which is actually a mission or task for every student - to make their partner; human weapon to be a "Death Scythe", the last weapon form by gathering 99 souls of evil human & 1 soul of Witch. Then, Maka and Soul Eater are facing a lot of troubles and challenging obstacles during this task. It sounds so interesting, right?

But Opsss…

NO! It only seems like that at the first few episodes but guess what.. this story is MORE than that! This absolute mission is not SOUL EATER is all about. The real STORY of SOUL EATER revolves around Maka, together with her weapon; Soul Eater, and her friends; Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz & Patty, that have been hooked with the crisis of their school which lead to the world disaster.

This story happens in a world that has Witch, Shinigami, Human Weapon (human that has ability to transform into weapon), Human Technician (human that paired with human weapon and a weapon’s technician/meister/master/user) and also ordinary Human. And this world also has sun & moon with face!! Lol

SOUL EATER is set around DeathCity; a city where Shibusen School is located. This school is kind of special school because it’s a technical school built by Shinigami. In this school, being able to turn into ‘Death Scythe’ is an honourable thing for human weapon because they will be used by Shinigami himself. Then, this story moves into other places around the world (Japanese, Alaska, some Island & etc ), moon and also in the Witch World (only in manga).

Back to the story, SOUL EATER's main theme started when Witch named Medusa tried to revive Kishin which is an unknown existence (only some higher level people know about him) that had been sealed in a shrine under Death City. This story followed with the encounter of Maka with Crona, who’s Medusa’s child. And everything became chaos when Medusa managed to revive Kishin. Kishin which named as Asura in his life before, now become a threat to the world because he can emit a Madness of Terror that make anyone’s sanity deterred.

A lot of bad things happened when Kishin was revived such as the awaken of Anarchne, a witch from 800 years ago. From here on, the storyline of anime slowly changes from the original manga. However, both stories are going about people try to stop Kishin from keeps the world in madness and insanity.

Hmm I guess that closes this review :3 Oh btw, SOUL EATER anime was produced by studio Bones and the manga was published by Gangan Comic. Thanks for the reading Minna~
Thanks for the reading :D

Ehh....can I...can I...wooo.. I would like to continue this review!! Because I really want people to know more what SOUL EATER is all about. Can I?? :) hehee

So here the additional things that very interesting & you guys should not miss. These are what SOUL EATER is all about~

Friendship & Trust. During the second fight between Maka and Crona, Maka tried to save Crona from being used by Witch Medusa, her own mother. Maka realized this girl actually is innocent and hopeless. Crona is a girl that does not know how to deal with thing, so she always looked like she's scare, hopeless and she just does all the things that Medusa want. She always kept herself alone and told herself that she cannot handle or deal with other. But then, Maka asked her to be her friend after they fought and this brought life into this poor kid. Maka believes Crona is not a girl that doesn’t know how to deal with others, but it’s just nobody ever had helped and showed her how to do that. But then, another series of bad things happened to Crona and Maka struggles to help Crona no matter what.

*Btw, I believe Crona is a girl. Not a boy :D
Crona and Maka.A fanart by Zerorin 
Then, there is another interesting story. About a guy that keep on fighting. BLACK STAR!!!!! Kyaaa!!! XD Black Star is a guy that always wants to pick up a fight with other people. He wants to be the strongest one in this world, which even surpass the God with his own strength. His story started to be in serious mode when the stories of her father and his clan are told. I think the manga showed more details about it. When he fights with Mizune in the Baba Yana Castle, he was asked about his path which leads to his father’s past story.

Black Star in manga is just so cool! He uses Tsubaki as his weapon.

Do not forget about Kid too!! During this story, Death The Kid, who is a son of Shinigami, had felt something stink about Shibusen. He tried to discover the truth that been hidden in Shibusen. There are a lot of untold stories that he found which brought a shock to the world itself. But of course, almost the hidden stories only discovered and been told in manga.
Death the Kid with his weapons, double pistols- Liz & Patty. 

So, what’s better? Anime or Manga?

Well, I told you before, both are awesome. But if you still stick with that question, I will tell you one thing; it is depend on what do you seek in Soul Eater.

Both anime and manga have happy ending but their ending gots some differences.
If you seek for the Ultimate Happy Ending, I would say anime is the best. In anime, Medusa was killed by Maka. During that fight in Medusa's place, Crona is about to die because she tries to save Maka from Medusa’s attack. With the aid by Dr. Stein, she finally survived. And we can see Crona is going to live happily with Maka and friends in Shibusen. However, in manga, Crona is the one that kill Medusa, her own mother. Her brain already washed and she could not really remember anyone. She was being taken by madness. Then, she tries to own the Kishin by her black blood but ironically, Kishin managed to take over Crona's black blood. In the end of the story, Maka came to save Crona from Kishin in the soul form but she intended to sacrificed herself for Maka as there's the only ways to stop the Kishin. Well, she didn’t kill herself….just she warped or sealed Kishin with her own black blood at the whole moon. Although we cannot see Crona live happily in Shibusen, we can know that she’s always be happy in the moon since she sealed Kinshin there for her friend, Maka. So, for me, it’s still a happy ending. Right?

However, manga gots more details story for SOUL EATER because it’s concluded well. In anime, the ending doesn’t tell a lot of thing and for me, the fight between Death City and Baba Castle is so ridiculus. Alright, in the manga, the ending is superme!! So, if you seek for what actually happenned in Shibussen and that world since first deamon weapon was created, manga is definitely the best choice~!! The fight between Kishin and people from Shibusen is also more awesome in manga. We also can see Kid become so cool. He managed to uncover the past history of Shibusen, who actually Kishin and what does their relationship. And he managed to bring new world which is a world that includes Witch, the natural enemy of Shibusen!! And the absolute mission that I have mentioned before is forbiddened and stopped after the fight with Kishin & death of Shinigami. With that, Soul Eater becomes the last Death Scythe!!! I love the way this story concluded in manga. And all the questions about how human weapon exist in that world at the first place.., why they need a soul witch to complete the their last form.., why Eibon invented all that stuffs..., what does the effect of Excalibur in this whole storyline.., and a lot of other question answered in manga!! And everytime the questions that I’ve all along was answered, I just like….wowwww that’s so cool Akatsushi Okubu!!! Sugoiiii!!

So, I think that's all. Don't forget to watch Soul Eater anime and read Soul Eater minna~~~~~~~!!!! ^^

Oh, btw, please enjoy reading this meme comic fanart by 'nobodygoddamnit' :)


And Here is My Sketch on Maka Albarn!!! ^^
Sorry, I planned to draw her in action but then....haha i don't know why she turns into this passive form XD

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