Animax Carnival 2014

Haaa Beat me~ it's already May.. and I just realized I didn't post anything last month.. TT_TT *crying
So i decided i will just sharing my pic during animax carnival that held months ago.... actually, i didn't want to share it because of some reasons, but .....well, as a token for my lag post last months... Gomenne my blog *pat blog's head

So basicly, I went to mid valley at the end of march with my friends just to spend our weekend with movies, pools and etc. Yeah I went there with my non-otaku friend~~ hahaaa animax carnival event also happened to be at the same day...though at the time that we came, the event already passed the peak time and it was the second, event waktu tu mcm kureng sikit laa~ everybody seems like they were going out when I just arrived there QwQ haahaa but I still grateful I made it there! Still ramai lagi cosplayer2 time tu yg sudi bergambar hahaaa (Y) Kyaaaa !!!!!!! >/////< Hee..but i took pics of my friends more than mine xD 

So let the pics talk

Even though I scared of Ayano, I choose to take first pic with her during that event. haha lol
Miku & Luka cosplayer
Miku and Luka cosplayer again
and Miku & Luka again...!!!! haha xD
sorry to make you girls really busy taking pics with all of us xD I beat both of you really tired. Haa ni baru me & my friends..ramai lagi yg beratur nk bergambar dngn cosplayer ni lol XD letih diorang nk bergambar XP

Zoro girl?? woww!
Asuna neko chan!
Quick Quiz.. who's cuter?? haha of course my friend :P lol
I don't know what she's cosplayed, but I  found she's really interesting

Alright~~!! Here the pics of me and all my friends that came together to midvalley~ Though not all of them join animax carnival, arigatou for coming to mid with me. 
And also, don't be surprised people, we are really good at doing BUNK-FACE HAHAHAAA
At ktm station

somewhere at mid valley

Oh, btw, here is the a part of video I recorded during that day~ haha we are doing some singing-beat-whateversocall all around the place. Sorry if anyone get annoyed especially inside the lift. XD This is what happen when non-otaku going to this kind of event :P hahaha
*please don't report to them that I post this video :P hehe

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