Introduction :: After 2 months

First of all, Salam Alaik & Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ila HadiMDK's blog! ^^

Finally , after 2 months this blog was made, i got the feeling to write something here.. Yeah!! 
Well, i'm kind of  busy, lazy & writing blog is not my intention at all actually . So, why i still make it? Just assume tht this is a place 4 me to save my artworks and share some stuffs. Wow,whts that?  Nvermind..Btw,,this post is the first entry & quite impolite if i don't introduce myself, right? So, this is me : -

Born in 1993
 Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Sem2)
Hometown in Temerloh, Pahang 

Okay, i think thats all. Other informations already in my profile. Just what i can tell you about myself, just suspect the worst.  why?
Well, i'm kind of person with none-speciality in many things~ this is not about i'm lowing my profile but i've seen the real talented persons in my 19-years old life.Yeah, i can say that i'm not included in that group.But Dafuq! I dont care 'bout that..~
So, which group are u?? If u are same as me, i know what u've felt ; the feeling when u only can see they succeed while u not.  But actually, ur feeling have been wrong all that time.God make us different each other with reasons. Stop make excuses with our 'lack'. My life same as urs.And u know what, there are something more powerful than talent.Nah..!This is what i always believe; 

TALENT can bring people So Far, BUT HARDWORK can bring people to Anywhere. 

So, never think u cannot achieve what u want . All peoples have zero reason to give up in their life...including me, u ,they , we and etc. Remember that! 
Thats all for this post. Fuhhh lettih koi menaip ni wehh.. One more things, credit to ckin.Sis, u really help me make this blog! :D Thats why our layout design quite same~ kui kui ..and thank to all of u for read. 

_Peace :B


AisYah said...

Since this is the introduction part so, I would like to introduce myself...Hye Hadi I'm Aisyah :)

cik denn said...

i'm heyyyyy hadi...try to update your blog often...! keke..

Aida Asyikin said...

wahh, fully English ? Congrates :D