Happy Birthday

I know it will just hurt me,... but still, Happy Birthday 

Should i ??

Bukan ape...just realize, maybe it's the time...the time to give up everything. Dari awal lgi i should quit this programme. :/ Finally i feel what my friend felt. I need to quit...it just too much. Ini adlah kenyataan,bukan nk give up tpi semua yg belaku mnunjukkan signal negatif.. Study entah kemana , IETLS TEST entah kemana... Dah la test2 sblum ni markah pon buruk2 belaka. Hmmm..where are the friends when we need the most??


I should not say it...hmm.. I'm just too stress & not in mood rght now..Problm atas bawah depan belakang...I write this not to complain..Just hope whoever read this, can spend a little time to pray for me.. Together we pray, may this stress make me stronger.Aminn

"Without stress,there are no strain,and without strain, we will never get any structure. So, stress can change us be more awesome" -Prof Wan. 

*stess?strain? Sorry, only people learn it know about it. Especially engineering student. Right?? :3