Pearl Words

HELLO~ there are some pearl words that I want to share. As human, we'll face problems in our life and we need motivation but sometimes we feel like nobody understands us. So, we as our self need to be the one who motivates our self because we know our self better than anyone. But of course actually God know us better. There were pearl words that I've collected from various sources and I wrote it in a paper and i kept it under my mattress so i could read it when feel down and now, I want to share it with everybody :)

#1: Take whatever life throws at u,
Pick urself up,
Dust urself off,
Keep walking into the future.

#2: We cannot change our yesterday, But we can change our view about yesterday.

#3: Make peace with Ur Past so it doesn't spoil Ur Present.

#4: Smile doesn't always bcoz we are happy. Sometimes it show how strong we are.

#5: Smile , U don't own all the problems in the world.

 Smile even when u are fallin'  

#6: What others think of U is none of Ur business.

#7: I have to love myself for who I am.

#8: No one is the Reason of Ur happiness except U yourself.

#9: Don't compare Ur life with others, U have no idea what Their Journey is all about.

 edited by me :3 

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.FH. said...

ini betul betul pearl words ni hohoho.kalau implement any artwork maybe lagi feel and inspire :D