Comic Fiesta 2013 !!!!

Konnichiwa~~~~ ^^
Don't want to talk much today, because I will let the pictures talk!! :B hee

 DAY 1 :D 

Yeahh.. I know what you're thinking right now...

Yeahh!!! Mikasa!!! >////<

My favourite character for this season~ <3

Alright! This is my first picture with cosplayer! XD

My friend ^^

This is hilarious cute!!! >////<
Attack on titan~ woot woot

Who don't know him? He is Keith Lawak Kampus!!!! :D My fav artist~
Never thought I will meet him~

"Blast reality, burst it into shreds, banishment this world!"
Heeee :3 
Finally, I met Rikka from Chuunibyou~ *tears

New cap :3 hee

My friend's house~ Yeppy they got a lot of guitars there :D

The most sexy cosplayer I found~ ^^ But she's so nice~

 DAY 2 :D 

Oh, btw, during the day 1, I used my friend's phone camera which the screen protecter at its lense haven't been removed yet =,='' So, the photos in day 2 are more clear :)

My waifu~~~ hahaha Mirai Kuriyamasan!!!

This was what attracted my eyes most~

I love these both couple~ 

Henji with cute little Mikasa. *melting

She is cute!!! >///< I wont forget this moment, when she tried to uncover the christmas tree cosplayer 
*Her curiousity is super duper Kawaiii >////<

Yeahhhh Attack On Titan!!!! 


She's nice :)

Bolot2~ haha my friend~ 

This is my most favourite photo !!! >///<
I can sense the synchronize posing at that time~ And it turn out like this~ Woww love it! XD
She's Shizuku from Tonari no Kabutsu-kun.... although at the first time, I've thought she's Aisaka Taiga from ToraDora!
Ohh.. I'm so sorry Shizuku for that TT_TT


Bassist!! Fire!!! ^^
I spent most of my time watching him playing than watching the cute singer.
Why? Because I love bass more than the kawaii singer girl~ heee

Bye bye Comic Fiesta 2013!

Kyaaaa!!!! Awesome days ^^
This year was fun~ First was Paramore concert, then Comic Fiesta + Concert by Japanese band :3 ..
I've done what I really want!! >////<
oh, btw, here the comic by me:

Chow~ see you next time!