Hyouka - I scream (2014)

"It's alright" "I'm fine"
The words come out so lightly,
I wonder, when will you be honest?
Being honest hurts?
All your own feelings were abandoned.

"I don't need anyone, I can still be happy"
"I don't need anyone, I am tough"
You still cry., far and beyond.

Of course you want to shout,
"Understand me" "Help me" "Find me"
I wonder why your voice had never
harmonized in anyone's ears.

As you lie the meaning of your unspoken words,
You never have guts to face me
Remembering me is a horrible thing , you said.

I wonder, when will you face me again?
Right, you're afraid to see me,
Once ago,
You used to be like me,
Screaming , crying , shouting ,
Even still,
It did not reach anyone's ears,
It never stop at anyone's eyes.

That's right,
That's the reason why I was abandoned here,
I wonder when will you stop lying,
I wonder when will you face me again,
I wonder when can we stop believing that :
  "No one ever understand me"

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