I don't really understand myself
Usually I could care less about this kind of stuff
But it's been a while
I felt so completely lonely
Insecure with my own feeling

I guess because I am in this age
Already left my teen age
And saw everybody with their own partner
Somehow I feel the need to as well
Urge to have someone to take care of
Someone to belong

But by just thinking about it
bring back all the memories
and get myself confused

but still, that loneliness would not leave
My friend keep complaining and bragging about want a partner
so it just worse my interior situation
though I just say to him,,, it's better not to have one

Me and my friend both single
but I guess it's hurt more to be single after having a relationship
because all of that time we were together,
and suddenly she only about she and me only about me
It's some different kind of loneliness

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