Time is flying

Just read my old fb's messages. Life is really mysterious and cannot be predicted. I feel like I want to laugh, cry, facepalm and kick myself when I was reading all those messages. I meant the messages from various people. I read them all. the messages since I was innocent, pious, then being everybody's expectation, and fail in my study, heart broken, being a loser, a suicidal, otaku, weaboo, and then the current me. I found that life is a mysterious thing. I've been thinking.. I've wasted my time too much on unnecessary things. on people who don't deserve. Can I be the me that I used to be? The one that innocent, put my religion above anything, being everybody's expectation again? I'm not sure myself. It's seem it would never happened again, But still,

I hope I can fly, like a bird. Because time is flying, as well, so fast. So I want to catch up with it.. And if I was given a choice, I would like to be a phoenix, so I can be reborn again.

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