Silent Reader

Have been reading people's blogs too much for these past few weeks.
And when I hooked with someone's blog, I always end up want to read their older posts.
But after that, I will hate myself. For being such a stalker.

I don't really sure myself.. my intention is good I think. I want to know about the blogger's hidden feeling or thought or personality or whatever it is. 
Because I know that blog is where people write what they think freely. So the true color of them can be seen there. There always something that never be told in their real life but exist there.

I want to know. I'm curious. But I won't judge. I like people the way they are. I just want to know someone more deeply. Personally.

still.. i hate myself for every of my actions..

Oh, and also.. i actually have said it, I'm kind of hate this blog's layout.. i miss the old layout. well, I've read to much blogs recently.. and come to think why I've changed the layout 2 years ago???

And i hate this early semester's sickness. Just hope it will go away soon. Because I know it only will end up hurting myself again. Come on heart!

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